Mushu Personality Pose

Disney Traditions

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  • Mushu Personality Pose
  • Mushu Personality Pose
  • Mushu Personality Pose

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In honor of the eager-to-please wispy, red dragon devoted to Mulan, Jim Shore created a figurine immortalizing the giant personality of Mulan's small sidekick, Mushu. This beautifully detailed 4.5-inch figurine captures the energetic and comical spirit.

  • Introduced June 2017
  • "Mulan Storybook" from the Disney Traditions by Jim Shore line
  • Features character from Disney's "Mulan" reimagined in the style of handcrafted folk art
  • Figurine captures Mushu with his gong in beautiful detail
  • Accurate features sculpted in hand-painted stone resin
  • 4.5-inch (11.4 cm) height
  • 4.5 in H x 1.75 in W x 4 in L