Pint Sized Lazy Squirrel

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek

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  • Pint Sized Lazy Squirrel
  • Pint Sized Lazy Squirrel
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It looks like this little squirrel is deep in his REM cycle, smiling blithely as he snoozes on an acorn pillow. Dreaming of tall tails, perhaps? Finely handcrafted from stone resin in remarkable detail, the 2.5" figurine makes a beautiful gift.

  • Introduced September 2015
  • "Dreaming of Tall Tails" figurine from the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek collection
  • Combines traditional themes with folk art designs
  • Captures a squirrel in beautiful hand-painted detail handcrafted in stone resin
  • Features a signature touch of lighthearted irreverence
  • 2.5-inch height (6.3 cm)