Sally, Lucy, Snoopy Jump Rope

Peanuts by Jim Shore

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  • Sally, Lucy, Snoopy Jump Rope
  • Sally, Lucy, Snoopy Jump Rope
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Snoopy's down for double (double Dutch, that is) in this cheerful scene from Charles Schultz's iconic comic, Peanuts. Handcrafted and hand-painted, the 4.62" stone resin design features Jim Shore's signature folk art style and playful use of color.

  • Introduced June 2016
  • "Double Dutch Dog" figurine from the Peanuts by Jim Shore line
  • Combines classic Peanuts characters with folk art designs
  • Captures Sally, Lucy, and Snoopy in beautiful hand-painted detail
  • Accurate details handcrafted in high-quality stone resin
  • 4.62-inch height (11.7 cm)